We are currently recruiting for the position of Stage Props and Puppets Technician for Disney Cruise Line.


Responsible for setting, operating and maintaining all props, puppets, and set pieces in the theater. Sets/strikes and performs required show tracks for all shows. Handles required props maintenance. Turns around show sets with other members of the team. Preventative maintenance and routine repair of appropriate equipment. Responsible for any scenic paint touch ups, as necessary. Performs emergency abbreviated shows as necessary based on

weather conditions, safety requirements, rehearsals and other altered technical requirements as deemed necessary by the Stage Manager or other leader in charge of the event. Responsible for assisting in other duties and tasks as assigned by the Senior Technician, including but not limited to cast changeovers, load ins/outs, new show installs, equipment tests, vendor support, movie premieres and company events. Collects, receives, loads, and manages inventory for CO2 product. Maintains cleanliness of theater, work area and appropriate booths and lockers.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum three years of experience, preferably in a props or scenic workshop environment
  • General experience in a theatrical environment, with knowledge of the terminology and function of a technical theatre environment, required
  • Specialized training in puppetry or prop making including scene painting and basic carpentry, preferred
  • Trade school/college diploma, preferred
  • Ability to perform in environments that have second-hand smoke, pyrotechnics, chemical smoke, haze, fog, dry ice and other special effects
  • Experience with materials including but not limited to polystyrene, metal, wood, fiber glass, plaster of paris, soft and dense foams, expanding foam and silicone rubber
  • Experience with paints including but not limited to water based, spray, latex based and rubber based
  • Experience with adhesive products including but not limited to super glue, urethane glue, hot glue, and contact cement

The Agency is the agent and recruiting on behalf of Disney Cruise Line.