We are currently recruiting for the position of Audio Technician WDT (Walt Disney Theatre) for Disney Cruise Line. Responsibilities: Support the Audio Technician Lead in maintaining show integrity and quality levels for audio ship wide. Responsible for all backstage audio needs including microphone change and repair. Set/strike and call shows for all WDT production, variety shows and deck parties. Perform sound checks and check mics for performers, Guest speakers and event Hosts.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum three years musical theatre audio experience, preferably
    working on large scale productions as an Audio 2 or Audio assistant
  • Proven experience with a music based audio system required
  • Ability to perform in environments that have second-hand smoke,
    pyrotechnics, chemical smoke, haze, fog, dry ice and other special
  • Experience with Yamaha PM1D/PM10 Digital Audio Console (WDT),
    Wireless Mic Systems, Talkback systems such as Telex, RTS and in
    ears monitoring systems such as Sennheiser and Shure

The Agency is the agent and recruiting on behalf of Disney Cruise Line.